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Comments about are services, activies, and most inportantly your experiences on the day.

A fantastic visit, i loved it as did the kids.I enjoyed the animals and the yummy bread from the little red hen! I loved the fab organisation also.
Downey House, Belfast.

The little mobile farm from Blackberry Farm came to visit our pre-school it was very interesting and very appropriate for their age.We enjoyed the pigs and duck the most and the children enjoyed being able to touch all the animals, they loved the chicks and rabbits. We will be booking again in the future..
St Bernard's, Belfast.

The best thing about the visit was the interaction with the children and the animals. The children enjoyed stroking and brushing the animals. I felt the stories related well to the animals. And would like a longer visit another time.

We enjoyed the tactile element and the stories also. After the visit the children wanted to learn more about the stories.

We enjoyed the whole session and the children loved the handling of the animals. We would like to meet more characters another time.
Maghaberry nursery unit.

Thank you Claire for giving us such a special experience with the Chick a doodle do kit.
We loved every stage ......waiting and watching as the little eggs sat in the incubator......learning to count down from 21 to 0 ....the excitement of the First little crack.....the fun of hearing the tiny cheep coming from inside the eggs.....the amazement of watching each little chick pushing its way out .... The laughter seeing the chicks puffed up like little pom poms the next day.....the pleasure in holding the tiny birds.....the hard task of naming them....the responsibility of caring for our babies in the chick box......the proud feeling of showing our friends,family and teachers.... The list could go on.
But ultimately the chick-a doodle-do kit and Claire From Blackberry Farm have left our family with a very special memory, one I hope we will keep forever.
Cherry, Sean, Daniel and Emma Auld