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Nursery and Key stage 1.
The time has come for the children to meet the real life animal characters from many well-loved stories.
Mrs MacDonald (Old MacDonald`s wife) will tell the wonderful adventures of her animals through storytelling and the children will have the opportunity to hold, pet and feed the animals too.

Storytelling has many benefits, it will spark the children`s imagination and encourage them to seek out books and tell stories for themselves. The animals will bring alive the stories and tales and will help build confidence in the children around animals. We can provide seasonal topics to enhance the curriculum.

Key stage 2
The older children will have a chance to learn about the different types, families, and species of animals, their environments and eating habits and then have the opportunity to touch, pet, feed and groom lots of different animals.

In Spring / summer they will meet animals such as rabbits, guinea-pigs, hens and chicks, ducks and ducklings, goats, a lamb and pigs (Subject to availability).
In Autumn they will have the opportunity to meet hedgehogs, mice and tortoises and seasonal topics such as hibernation are covered.

The children will receive an information sheet at the end. Storytelling can also be incorporated into this visit, at an age appropriate level, challenging the older children to make up their own characters and stories


Bringing the animals to you!

Some of the benefits of The Little Mobile Farm are:

  • Several classes can benefit from one booking.
  • It can easily be incorporated into many parts of the curriculum.
  • No coach expense.
  • No travel sick children.
  • It is cheaper than visiting a farm.
  • It will be an enjoyable experience for the children and staff.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the children to experience something truly memorable.