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And Our Commitmant.

Here at Blackberry Farm we care about the welfare of the animals. Our programme seeks to educate both adults and children on how to handle and care for animals while also instilling in children the love of animals that as a family have enjoyed while rearing our own characters!
We also recognise that for some families a farm animal is a most prized possession, a livelihood.

That`s why Our Promise is that for every visit The Little Mobile Farm does we will purchase an animal for for an under-developed community through Oxfam Unwrapped. For smaller visits we will buy chicks, hens or ducks and for larger visits we will buy, piglets,goats or even a donkey. 
I hope you agree these are quacking gifts that will greatly benefit families living in poverty and bring hope and a brighter future to their children and communities.
A small gift makes a big difference. 

Oxfam Kids