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See the different stages of the egg developing through a microscope, hatch out the eggs and look after the chicks.
Let your children experience being a Farmer or Mother Hen!
This idea was born out of a very distant childhood memory of mine, when my younger sister and I went to a local farm and ask for some eggs. We carefully wrapped them up and kept them warm in the airing cupboard (unknown to our mother) and waited and waited for the cute little chicks to emerge. To our bewilderment the chicks did not appear and we had been carefully looking after a nest full of rotten, stinky eggs! You`ll be glad to know I have learnt alot since then, through research but mainly experience. I have also seen the anticipation and excitement in my own children and the amazing sense of responsibility and ownership they get when hatching out and looking after the little chicks.
Therefore, I know this is a unique opportunity for your children to be a part of and a truly memorable experience (one with chicks at the end!).

Hen with her Chicks

We can provide a computerized incubator with a microscope attachment, so you can see the eggs develop, really brings the incubator to life. You can also attach your web cam to view the development on you computer screen. The incubator automatically turns the eggs making it simple and easy to use, it is quiet and has a large viewing window to observe the eggs and chicks. We provide fertilized eggs, and a brooding box with a heat supply and enough chick crumbs to keep the chicks happy for the length of time they are with you.
We will deliver your equipment and set up the incubator ready to go. Detailed information about the use of the incubator (which is very easy to use as it is computerised) and how to look after the chicks will be given to you on delivery.
Countdown to hatch day -The eggs take 21 days to hatch, once the chicks have hatched out, you are able to look after them for as long as you require. We will come and collect the equipment and the chicks when you have finished with them and the chicks will enjoy a free range life with us.

The cost for the `Chick-a-doodle-do` will vary depending on your location due to the delivery and set up of the incubator, so please contact us to get a price.