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On Blackberry Farm for the past 7 years, we have kept a small amount of rare breed pigs and turkeys for Christmas time. We have always been passionate about letting our animal`s free range, giving the pigs a chance to root and enjoy the mud and the turkeys the space to roam and roost in trees. On occasion they have defiantly taken advantage of this freedom and wandered off into next door`s garden or down the road, resulting in us running round trying to round them up, to their amusement.We have also kept ducks, geese, chickens and rabbits roaming around the garden at different times much to Mr Fox`s delight, I`m sad to say.

Hatchling chicks


Hatching out chicks, ducklings and turkeys, has been a huge highlight for us in the past and a great insight to new life for our children. Our children have always been very involved in the running of Blackberry Farm from feeding and cleaning out to collecting eggs and pettingĀ  and even helping to pluck turkey`s! However I am amazed at how they still get excited when a hen starts laying for the first time, it`s like they`ve won the lottery! Or maybe it`s the prospect of selling the eggs back to mum for a bit of extra pocket money!
Seeing how our own children have greatly benefitted from their little farm experiences, gave us the desire to extend this experience to other children. There are many benefits for children to interact with animals, it helps build confidence and is very therapeutic.
Who could possibly stay in a bad mood after snuggling a rabbit or holding a cute little duckling?